Building A Quadrifilar Helix Antenna Qfh For Noaa Satellite Reception With An Rtlsdr Mp3 Download

Building A Quadrifilar Helix Antenna Qfh For Noaa Satellite Reception With An Rtlsdr
  • Building A QuAdrifilAr Helix AntennA Qfh For NoAA SAtellite Reception With An Rtlsdr MP3 Downlod
  • So you've got an SDR, and want to try something new? How about weather satellite image reception? Sounds pretty cool, but that little antenna that came with your SDR isn't quite cutting it. In this video, I build a QFA antenna from copper wire, a bit of coax, and a piece of drain pipe. Plans used for this build: It was brought to my attention that ..

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Rtlsdr Receiving Noaa Satellite Weather Data Using A Helical Antenna
  • Rtlsdr Receiving NoAA SAtellite WeAther DAtA Using A HelicAl AntennA Song MP3 Download
Raspberry Pi Noaa Satellite Receiver
  • RAspberry Pi NoAA SAtellite Receiver Download
  • Emboldened by the success of his Raspberry PIrate radio, Matt indulges in some more radio hacking by building a specialized QFH antenna and a briefcase form-factor satellite receiver in an attempt to intercept "faxes" from OUTER SPAACEEE!!! Connect with Matt on the element14 community: Project TIROS is a self-contained, Raspberry Pi-based satellite..

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Qfh Antenna Results  Noaa 19 Satellite Reception With Sdr
  • Qfh AntennA Results NoAA 19 SAtellite Reception With Sdr 320kbps
  • This is a follow up video to my build of a quadrifilar helix antenna (QFH) for receiving images from NOAA weather satellites. The results were excellent and I'm very happy with the antenna. QFH Build video:

Raspberry Pi Noaa Setup With Qfh Antenna With Lna Powered By Solar Panels
  • RAspberry Pi NoAA Setup With Qfh AntennA With LnA Powered By SolAr PAnels HD Song
  • You are looking at a NOAA weather image setup powered by solar panels and batteries. I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 with the Jesse image on it. I am using a LNA hooked up to a FM reject filter to block out the FM radio. Using a dongle. I am powering the by by 4 12 volt batteries and solar controller. I'm using a 12 volt to 5 volt 3 amp adapter to powe..

How To Pull Images From Satellites In Orbit Noaa 151819 And Meteor M2
  • How To Pull ImAges From SAtellites In Orbit NoAA 151819 And Meteor M2 Download MP3
  • Over the past 2 months, me and my friend Artem have been building antennas to receive signals from weather satellites as they pass overhead. This video chronicles our progress through this project and goes through some of the science involved in working with radio and receiving transmissions. We explore how dipoles work and how to build them, and h..

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Build A Qfh Antenna For Gps
  • Build A Qfh AntennA For Gps 320kbps MP3 Download
  • Hi Guys, This is part 5 of my build log dealing with the GPS areas of my SD Card GPS & MP3 Player project. This video made generally about building a QFH antenna, which I think contains enough information to get anyone else started.

Homemade Qfh Antenna Made From Copper Tubing And Pvc Pipe Used For Noaa Weather Satellite Images
  • HomemAde Qfh AntennA MAde From Copper Tubing And Pvc Pipe Used For NoAA WeAther SAtellite ImAges Mp3
  • My homemade QFH antenna make from 3/8” soft copper. Here is the link I used to make my QFH antenna. ........